Saturday, February 2, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Final Cylon

Executive producer Ron Moore give some hints to EW about Battlestar Galactica Season 4.

And guess what there is a big hint about who may be the final cylon!
Just check by yourself on checking each cast member of Battestar Galactica below:
(to see the whole picture, you have to scroll to the right by using the gray scrollbar at the bottom of the picture animation)

Who is the final five?

Don't forget you have to scroll the above picture animation (by using the dark horizontal lift) to see the whole Battlestar Galactica Last Supper:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
If you did check the hints, you know that the final five is NOT on the picture. Well that's what Ron Moore asserted.

So who's missing?
(Animation courtesy EW)


Anonymous said...

who's missing. Cally and gaeta... Gaeta has always been a suspect, but callie who be a final with a much more significant spin.

Heroface said...

these would make awesome storylines as the 12th:

-billy (it's always the quiet ones)

-ellen (she died... and)

-Lee (wouldn't that just upset everything?)

-ZACK ADAMA (wow... how good would that be??.. he would have to be revealed early on in the season and be a ruthless destroyer type though, the admiral would have to watch him die again.. and again)

James said...

Doc Cottle's missing too...wouldn't that be something!! Gaeta might be a jumping the shark moment for me.

Anonymous said...

What about Tom Zarick, a person who for decades has sown fear, dissuasion and anger into the Colonies.
Also the rest of the Final Five all were heavily involved in the resistance...Zarick knew that New Caprica would be a disater...I think he would fit the motiff of the Final Five being self-hating Cylons.

Anonymous said...

I think Ellen is the last cylon, She was Mysteriously found and the results of the "Cylon test" were never revealed.

The Prophet1138 said...

The final cylon is Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla!

Anonymous said...

We here at the MotWr have long suspected that the 5th Cylon would be someone who has flown under the radar for a while, someone who has achieved some measure of rank in the fleet; that person is...
Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla!

JoshuaCunningham said...

Doc Cottle. If you watch the doc in all 3 season he is smoking. Not the same kind of cigs everyone else smokes. No his look like camels. The rest of the cast smokes the little cigar things. I say cottle based solely of of that. He has something to do with earth because that is were he gets a square from.

Rivan said...

Guys, it can't be Dualla. Simply can't. The reason is that during Crossroads, the four suffered hallucinatory symptoms that lead to the revelation. Even Roslin, who has Cylon blood in her system via Hera was affected slightly when the power outage hit the fleet.

If Dualla was a Cylon, she would have met up with the others or at least felt the same pulse that Roslin felt.

Oh, also, can't be Lee, he's in the picture. Can't be Callie, she had a baby with Tyrol, who is a cylon. Cylons can't have children with other Cylons.

I'm open to the idea of Zack being the final cylon, but Ellen would tie the knot nicely. But this is just because I'm a romantic and feel sympathy for Tigh.

Anyway, probably Gaeta.

Anonymous said...

Admiral Adama isn't in the picture... But that would be waaaaay to obvious, in an unexpected sort of way... But the latest four to be revealed were all cylons in key supporting positions throughout the fleet.


Battlestar Galactica said...

Admiral Adama is in the picture, you have to use the scroll tool at the bottom of the picture to see him.

Anonymous said...

The final Cylon must be someone that Deanna knew and is not in the picture... who could that be?

Lilith said...

Other than the next generation of cylon babies (Hera and Nick) there aren't any cylon children. Presumably the sleeper cylons didn't have real childhoods, only implanted memories. So wouldn't that let out anyone who actually had a childhood like Lee and Zack?

Also, do cylons age? If they don't how does one explain Tigh being a cylon? Adama's known him for decades. Tigh being a cylon doesn't sit well with me, but that's another topic.

I like the idea of Gaeta being #12. What was it Gaius said to him that enraged Gaeta so much he stabbed him in the throat?

I just can't quite accept the idea that the #12 is someone called "Billy." ;-)

I hate to admit it, but I can't think of any reason why it can't be Ellen, Dualla, Doc, or the Pithian priestess.

I guess I just want it to be Gaeta.

Lilith said...

Forgot to mention: Zarick's a good bet. It would also be very cool to have the cylon be the actor (Richard Hatch) from the original series!

Also how about the former commander of the Pegasus, Helena Cain? She terrified me even when I thought she was on the side of the humans.

John said...

The Final Five are in the Fleet... not necessarily all on Galactica. Since the four all found their way to the room, either the last one to arrive was late (possibly Lee?) and locked out, or they weren't on board to make it there. I doubt it was either Gaeta, Dualla, or Doc Cottle, as all were aboard Galactica and none made it to the "coming out party".

I too suspect the last cylon is Tom Zarek. Note that the cylons are all in positions of great influence without being in command. Tyrol is practically in charge of all the grunts on board Galactica, Tori has the President's ear, Tigh has Adama's ear, Anders was leader of the resistance on old Caprica and instrumental in the resistance on new Caprica,
Also, Zarek helped institute "The Circle", the secret tribunal secretly trying and executing Cylon collaborators, Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders were also members of the circle and instrumental in the resistance.

But if it's not Zarek, maybe it's Boxie!

mark said...

the fifth is actually not about an individual - all the remaining humans when they reach earth - generate a new fifth being - who unites humans and cylons

MikeHoll said...

Dualla is likely the final cylon. She is not in the picture, plus BSG said the final cylon is behind the challice in the position of Judas. Since all couples are together she should be next to Apollo, unless you assume she has broken up with Lee for good.

Ronald said...

When D'Anna sees the last cylon, she ask for forgiveness. My thoughts are, what human has she interacted with that she would have to ask forgiven. I can't quite remember if she ever met Lee, but definitely not Dualla. The few who come to mind are Gaeta, Baltar, the President & the Admiral. Alternatively it could have been a general request for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Must the final Cylon be the one that D'Anna saw in the temple. I take it that she saw ONE of the final five, not actually the final model. Keep in mind that this is well before any of us knew who the final five were, so it could have been Anders or Tory or Tigh.

My guess is Cally, especially after the most recent episode.

I know, there is a rule there that Cylons can't reproduce with Cylons, and that's part of the point of my theory and the importance of their child. The fact that she and Tyrol were able to reproduce prove that the Cylons are able to now cross over that final threshold towards being more than machines and becoming more human.

While Hera is important to the Cylons as proof human/cylon reproduction as a result of 'love', Nick might be even more important: Proof that Cylons can feel love for one another and reproduce in that way, too.

Why didn't she hear the music?
Because she's been taking a lot of meds to handle the stress she was feeling at the time. Considering that Tigh turned back to drinking by the music, and the other 3 of the final five experienced degrees of mental and emotional stress, is it too hard to believe that Cally was successful in blocking it out through meds? In fact, the music might have been a large factor that helped push her into abusing her meds in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"If you did check the hints, you know that the final five is NOT on the picture. Well that's what Ron More asserted."

Well on the other hand - the Six does also appear twice on the image?!

skott b. said...

What if the final Cylon is the Galactica itself?

skott b. said...

What if the final Cylon is the Galactica itself? Perhaps it "switched on" and sent the signal to Tori, Anders, Tigh and Chief.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody think that the final cylon is anyone but Zarrick? Seriously. Think about it and all the other choices are too obvious or just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

i have been told by some people that the ending of galactica will be with some of the main cast becoming the greek gods and baltar as christ but i dont think this is the way it will go have you heard this view, is it possable?

well i want ZACK ADAMA to be the last cylon but i think it will be someone right under are noses insted

Anonymous said...

It's not Cally - Nicki Clyne's blog immediately after Episode 3 is way too personal and emotional about ending her portrayal of this character, and also makes it clear she immediately became available for other projects.

Anonymous said...

Have you all forgotten the scroll of Pythia?

"This has all happened before. It will happen again."

The FIRST Cylon was killed after a failed coup against Theagenes, his father-in-law, and ruling tyrant of Athens in 632 BC (on the "13th Colony" of Earth)

Note that the artifacts found so far pointing the way to earth have been dated as older as the Galactica gets "closer" to Earth.

Given the blatant appearance of the Orion constellation in the background of the Cylon on Cylon basestar battle scene in "The Ties That Bind" (Season Four) and that most of the surrounding constellations are near their positions as they would be in the perspective of Earth's solar system, it is safe to say that (this battle, at least) took place around 65 to 90 lightyears from Earth.

"Human" mythology is mistaken.

There are no humans. Everyone is a Cylon.

Enlightenment comes from understanding your Cylon nature.

What "humans" call "enlightenment" is really a computer gaining sentience.

Battlestar Galactica is all about robots cast away from Earth thousands of years ago because of an attempted coup.

It has all happened before. It will all happen again.

The forbidden secret?

Earth is destroyed. Has been for thousands of years.

Destroyed by Cylons. That think they're "humans."

Anonymous said...

Both Lee Adama and Doc Cottle were exposed to the Cylon-affecting brain disease in "A Measure of Salvation". It'd be inconsistent for them to be Cylons now without some additional and frankly irritating retconning contrivance.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think theres a reason why, we have seen cylon numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8, why jump from 6 to 8, out of sequence. Why does 7 have significance of not being shown.

Anonymous said...

If you realize in Season Three (Episode after the "Eye of Jupiter"), you notice that when Roslin, Helo, and Adama are talking about Hera, you notice that there is a number seven on the wall when Helo's face is to the left of it. It could mean something or not. I believe that one episode could help a lot in search of the "Final Cylon", and that is "Final Cut." The first time D'Anna appears and it could be the only clue to fiqure out who is the last cylon. It had to be one of the people she met. Remember that it was the only time we see really another cylon aboard "Galatica" roaming about. Also, the only possible faces she had to see that where cylon was either Tigh or Gaelen.

Anonymous said...

The reason we jump from 6 to 8 is that the final cylon is a series model. Number 7 can be downloaded into a new body as to the other four that are individuals.

Considering this, it is only possible that the final cylon is Admiral Adama. Their are olso two six in the picture so why not a second Adama. The one to replace the original. And he is not taking the last human survivers to their rescue but to their last resting place earth. The place populated by cylons instead of humans.

Anonymous said...

I think the fifth cylon could be either Baltar's lawyer, Romo Lampkin or Seelix.
Remember when Romo was telling Lee that he wanted to work with Joseph Adama because he wanted to understand people and why we do the things we do? And the way he explained his ex-wife sounded like she could have been another version of SIX. Which would pay homage to Star Trek's Data, who also had a pet cat.
Or there's Seelix, always in the background somewhere....

I hate to think it's D'ualla.. but she sure isn't like other Sagitarons and she admits to being estranged from her folks....

Moore explained the scene where Baltar whispers to Geata. It was referencing a scene that was cut and never aired about the time on New Caprica and something Geata did to innocent humans, but I don't remember exactly what he said it was, possibly some sort of firing squad.

Anonymous said...

Well Who's Missing? As we can see, Tory is missing. So, if all 5 are in the picture, then the final five should still be in the picture. Just a twist of words by Moore? My first guess would be Lee Adama, as he is a changing character. If I have to pinpoint the persons that are strugling, he would fit the profile. Specially because he is in the big leagues right now!

Anonymous said...

I believe the final Cylon is a woman as that would then give us a match up with the 12 Olympians (7 Males and 5 females).

Now we just have to figure out which Olympian each of the known women match up to, to figure out which arch type to look for.

Anonymous said...

I have *always* suspected Gaeta was a Cylon. I'll actually be losing a $20 bet I made in Season 1 if he ends up not being the last Cylon.

If you examine the exchange he and Boomer have just before she shoots Adama, she then and there transitions from coming back to Galactica to having the initiative to shoot Adama - as if Gaeta, right then and there, activated her. He even looks like he's passing her something, such as ..ohh.. the gun she uses to shoot Adama.

But this is probably something that has been said time and again.

Slick said...

I think the final cylon is a guest star that will appear in the final episodes of the season named 'Slick' who is a fantastic pianist and a person that Kara is drawn to, and starts telling him things that no one has ever heard before.

Hotdog said...

Dualla or Zarek would make sense as the final Cylon. I suspect that the final Cylon is female, since there are 7 male Cylons but only 4 female Cylons thus far. That would seem to point towards Dualla...but Tory was a minor character until it was revealed that she was a Cylon. So, it could turn out to be someone peripheral and not a major character up to this point.

The other four of the final five--Tigh, Terrill, Tory and Anders--are all either leaders in their own right or have positioned themselves close to the real decision makers (ie.. Bill Adama and Laura Roslin). The final five also appear to be original Cylons models, without numerous cloned copies like the first seven Cylons. Otherwise, the first seven would know who the final five are, like they knew who sleeper Cylon Sharon/Boomer was. That would probably eliminate anyone who died Zack, Billy, Ellen, and Cally.

Gaeta, having nearly been thrown out an airlock as a collaberator, would understandably be upset at the possibility of Balter implicating him further at his trial. So, I discount Gaeta as being the final Cylon for that reason...he had a good motive to attempt to kill Balter anyway.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the 3rd season "Eye of Jupiter": The meeting on the galactica, where D'Anna sees the BSG crew, it shows Roslin, Adama, Tigh, Baltar and Gaeta. So what's Gaeta doing there? As we know, D'anna saw one of the final five. She could have seen Tigh, or someone else? Interesting.....

Anonymous said...

D'Anna is asking for forgiveness from Tigh as the cylons cut his eye out on New Caprica. Tory, Terril and Anders were unhurt by the cylons.

Anonymous said...

Also the right eye is important...the rader scans Anders right eye, Tigh shoots Ardama in the right eye in his waking nightmare and he lost his right eye.

Nerd2224 said...

ok.... the 12 cylon models are ovbiously the 12 olypians and the 12 lords of kobol...

theres an interesting point about the olypians...there are 2 generations... 5 in the first...and 7 in the second... (anyone noticed summat there?)

the five are represented of:

Zues, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter and Hestia...

note: 3 women... greek mythology Hestia gave up here seat on olympus for Dionysus...god of wine...

soooooo....thats Sol Tigh sorted! lol

..also...leaves 2 girlies...

one is obivously that lovely homewrecking, murderous toaster tory...

sooooo..... who is the other?

Anonymous said...

lampkin all the way

Anonymous said...

I think it can,t be Gaeta because in the most recent episode he gets his leg cut off, Cally no because she killed hersefl and would have been cloned by now the same with Billy. Bill Adama immpossible because that would make Lee Adama a half cylon when it clearly says that Hera (Helo's daughter) is the first human cylon Hybrid helo also can't be one because of Hera.
Gaeta is not in the photo because of his forced resegnation from the military because of his leg amputation.
people not in the photo: Tom Zarek
- not likely all of the four sekret cylons have been close to or in power and Tory Foster is already close to the presidant.
- it would be a boring and dissappoint end to all the suspence.
Zak Adama
-impossible that would make Lee and Bill Adama cylons as well.
Doc Cottle
- that is an interesting one because he operated on Bill Adama when he was shot he could have perpously messed up and covered it up.
-all of the final cylons have been close to power and she was the XO (conel) of Peagesuss (like Tigh on Galactica) during Lee Adama's command.
- even though i have ruled againsted him being the final cylon the thought still buzzes around in my head he was presidant Baltar's assistant during new caprica (like Tory Foster is now)which means he used to be close to power like Samual Anders used to be leader of the resistance on Caprica #1.
Helo Agathon
- i know he was in the picture but the episode in season 2 on Caprica in Starbucks apartment hes is next to a number 7 painted on the wall and there is no known cylon called number 7.

also Roslin is burning something in a goblet which is supposed to be an enormouse plot twist and puzzeling me as well is the empty space at the table could the final cylon have awakened and fleed something else about this is the space is next to Lee Adama 'Romo Lampkin'

Anonymous said...

has laura burned anything on the other episodes?

Cavehand said...

Bunch of fracktards the lot of you,

i just read through your comments and am stunned you can even claim to watch the show (ok there a cpl that have some logic)

Its not gonna be billy

Its not gonna be zac

Its not gonna be ellen


No No No Mother Frackers

ITS NOT GONNA BE ZARACK NO your a god damn fool if you think this

If i was a betting man it would be Anastasia Dualla or Roslin


Anonymous said...

it could be Cally otherwise why would Hera be special as the child of Human and Cylon?

Jason P said...

Could be Starbuck, sure she's in the picture but as someone said previously that all the couples are put together, the missing spot is next to Lee (Which Starbuck tends to frak most of the time). Also the final five know their way back to Earth and somehow Starbuck saw Earth and knows the way back.

*Shrugs* Thats my 2 cents anyway.

Maxiblog said...

Is Anthony Zarek the Final Cylon ?

He is, after all, a character of such standing (because he was Apollo in the original series), but also because the series has given him a lot of importance, but he really has not done much yet.

Is his identity what he is really about?

John-William said...

The final Cylon? I think it is Kendra Shaw. After seeing season 4 to the midway point, I rewatched Razor and came to the conclusion that Kendra Shaw would be a good candidate. Why? She has killed both humans and Cylons. Her mom is dead, and no mention of her father. The original hybrid on the old base ship recognized her and offered to forgive her sins. In my mind, she would be a logical surprise candidate.

Anonymous said...

I think the final Cylon is the Butler... I think the Butler did it. It's always the gods damn Butler.

But seriously folks, I throw my hat to what someone had already said before - the fact that Tory is missing makes her the one of the five that's missing from the pic. So in essence, the last (unknown) of the final five is actually in the picture. My choice would be Roslin.

Anonymous said...

The skin jobs were cloned from the passengers on the geminon ship Diana. The young Adama saw 2 of them when he tried to free them from the ice planet. The blond at the bottom of the door looked somewhat like Starbuck. This may be the answer.

Anonymous said...

Many people here have been talking about how the last cylon would have to be someone who was not on the ship or he or she would have met up with the others, i however respectfully disagree, unlike the other four cylons this final one may not have had their switch flipped yet. The original programmers may be waiting for the fleet to get closer to earth before the last cylon activates.

P.S. i Think it must be Duella b/c it would have to be a woman to equal out the others and all the other women besides Starbuck and Roslin are dead and would have either resurrected or would be dead for good.

Anonymous said...

It's Baltar's lawyer. Look at the items where it should be sitting. Other than the chalice, the items look like things that he had stolen from others. That may be a law book there.

Anonymous said...

I think it is roslin because the proficies stated that a dyig woman would lead us to earth and why???

she has been there already?

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing... The final cylon is... YOU! (cue dramatic music).

Anonymous said...

seriously...doc cottle? i'm sick of hearing people think it's doc cottle! it can't be him if for no other reason than it would be the biggest letdown in the history of television letdowns! he's a very minor character and rarely has a line that doesn't have to do with being a grumpy doctor. if it's him then 1) i'll be extremely disappointed and 2) i'll admit to being a total tard...and i'd like shave my head bald or something. woohoo someone pointed out he smokes different cigs than the others. is that the best reason you have for him being a cylon?

and cally? attention. the hybrid said the 5th will endure great suffering and will seek to be forgiven for some trespass. cally has been nothing but a victim--what would she need to be forgiven for?

and finally, it's widely known that RDM stated none of the people in the last supper pic is the 5th and final cylon. while it would be "cool" if it was apollo, roslyn, starbuck, or the admiral...It's NOT!

if you'd like a good starting point, go here:
and look at the 2nd picture ("sketches of the final five"). Now, I think the ones on the far left and in the middle are women due to the long hair. Notice they aren't wearing hoods, so you can see that the two I've mentioned do have long's not a hood. The other three are men and we know who they are. One of the women is our final cylon, in my opinion IS a woman.

Many think it could be Dualla and I believed there were compelling arguments to back that up...until we saw revelations on the 13th. The final cylon is somewhere else--perhaps even dead but resurrectable a-la starbuck (did you happen to see the preview clip with what looked like a dead body covered while someone said "so you're the final cylon")?

And let's go back to the last supper picture. I believe the bsg picture should be turned the opposite direction. I've seen people comparing the bsg pic to the da vinci one and they conclude that it is judas's seat that is empty. However, in the da vinci picture, it is judas holding the knife. If you turn bsg around, guess who's in judas's seat? Chief Tyrol..with the knife. There are other similarities as well--just look at it yourself.

The final cylon is a female and she is in Philip's position in the da vinci picture. Tigh would be Matthew, the tax collector whom no one really liked. Go figure. This makes starbuck either john or mary magdalene, considering your interpretation. This is especially significant if RDM considers her mary magdalene.

So who is the final cylon? A female who is not in the fleet and could have possibly died but been resurrected in the same way Starbuck was. Admiral Cain certainly has a lot to be forgiven for, so she would fit the hybrid's prophecy. Kat doesn't..does she? Ellen Tigh would be an intriguing choice--colonel tigh does see ellen instead of six and supposeldy impregnates her. If you add the da vinci code story to the mix, the "chalice" on the table in the empty position could symbolize this connection to six and tigh. She could also be seeking forgiveness for working with the enemy. Kendra Shaw? Razor was shown to us for a reason, right? and she had some crazy goings on with the hybrid, but she sacrificed herself for the good of others. What does she need to be forgiven for? She was heroic.

Am I missing anyone? My money is on Cain or Ellen. Look at Colonel Tigh. He's looking over like wtf? lol

Anonymous said...

The only one that makes sense is Baltar. I'm mostly basing that on the nature of his hallucinations. They explicitly explored his "projection". The only other people that have projected like that have been cylons. Six kept seeing a hallucinatory Baltar and Tigh keeps seeing Ellen instead of Six etc., etc.

The fact that he didn't start to resurrect when he was about to die is a red herring. As far as we know none of the final five can resurrect.

Lucio said...

I completly agree with the "reverse da vinci" theory but the knive is not holded by juda but by "Pietro" (sorry I'm italian and i don't konw the translation). The Judas place is occupied by Anders, wich is kissing Kara... (reminds something?).
I think also that the books on the table could be important but I cant figure out the meaning.
Anyaway, I think to Ellen to...

cosmicdisorder said...

D'Anna says that there are four of the final five in the fleet. So current characters may be excluded from the speculations. Who's left? Ellen Tigh, Billy Keikaya, some other dead or missing folks who were not in the fleet when D'Anna made that statement (or she could be lying).

M Dot said...

Also being not in the fleet. She could have meant Baltar or Rosilyn who were on the base ship.

The fact that there is no #7 still bothers me. The four that have been revealed Moore said they do not have a #. Maybe there is a 7 out there. Like one of the cylon model's has 2 versions. Like the 6's or 8's. Could be why the one 8 sided agaisnt the others. Cause she is really a 7 and 7 and 8's are similar.

Also, as for the Chalice. That person is linked to Tigh more than Lee. Being that Tigh is looking dead at them and Lee is looking straight ahead. With that said. At first Tigh did envision Ellen. He stopped doing that after a while and saw her as 6. Once he started becoming more Cylon I guess.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the clarification. Pietro would be "Peter" in English, who is sitting next to Judas. On second glance, in Da Vinci's picture it is Peter who is leaning over close to mary magdalene as if to speak to her, but Judas is seated next to her. I do agree now that Anders is in Judas's seat and Tyrol is in Peter's. As you mentioned, Peter (Tyrol) is holding the knife, so the pictures still match.

That leaves us with the empty seat being that of Philip. I'm not sure that the notes in front of Apollo mean anything other than his change in status (from military to politician). There is a book in front of Tigh..or could that be Roslyn's? Her hand is resting next to it while Tigh seems focused on the seat next to him. I believe the goblet or "chalice" in front of the empty seat is the only object of consequence related to the final cylon.

It's got to be Ellen..due to the position next to Tigh and all the other clues matching. She's dead, so she wouldn't be in the fleet when D'anna sought out the final 5. She would be longing to be forgiven for being somewhat of a traitor (as she was crying and begging for forgiveness when her husband killed her). And think about it, Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders all knew she had betrayed them as memebers of the resistance. They all agreed she had to die. Therefore, she wasn't killed by another human nor even one of the 7 cylons, but by one of (in my opinion) her fellow final five. And the strange connection lately between Six and Colonel Tigh makes me suspect that she is, in some form, the final missing cylon.

Anonymous said...

If it were Ellen, why didn't she resurrect after Tigh murdered her? It's Not Ellen...

RObbie said...

Lol. Who has EVER said the final 5resurrect? Even if they do resurrect, it wouldn't be on a cylon resurrection ship as they have had NO relations until the most recent episode with the 7 known cylons. At the time you're talking about, on New Caprica, the cylons had no idea who the final 5 were--not even D'anna knew at that point. They were programmed not to even think of the final 5 and thus would not have made any arrangements to help resurrect them. Therefore, how could Ellen, if she is one of the five, resurrect on a cylon resurrection ship?

I'm certainly not saying she didn't resurrect somewhere else, or in some other way (in the form of an infant) but she most certainly did not resurrect on a cylon resurrection ship! Sheesh...

Jeff said...

God, I love all the speculation.

I'm sure it is possible to draw parallels between each Cylon and an Olympian God. I mean, Haphaestus is Terrol (the [emotionally] crippled blacksmith). D'Anna is Artemis (the dread huntress). Leoben is Apollo (art, prophecy). I think Cavil could be Hades (pragmatic, no nonsense - he pushes for the disabling of D'Anna's line, the civil war, etc...). Anders could be Ares (he was the leader of the insurrection). Sharon is called Athena (strategic battles). Tory has found her sexuality, and could be Aphrodite... I'm prone to believe Hera is the Gina/Caprica/Natalie line (everythin feminine - sexuality and nurturing).

Anyway, I'm sure if we can fill in the gaps with the other characters, we can figure out which remaining God(dess) is left. And then we can figure out who best fits the bill.

I also love how someone pointed out that the "missing" Cylon could very well be Tory. She might be the fifth missing Cylon - it might be the second missing Cylon that we don't know yet.

I kind of wonder whether Cavil's role when we first meet him - a preacher, a psychologist, would make him more like a Hermes archetype. But I can't be certain.


Frak said...

Apparently, the final Cylon is...


Your computers are trying to deceive and confuse you by misspelling the characters' names:

Terrill/Terril (Tyrol)
Balter (Baltar)
Zarick/Zarrick/Zarack (Zarek)
Pithia (Pythia)
Zack/Zac (Zak)
Callie (Cally)
Deanna (D'Anna)
D'ualla/Duella (Dualla)
Roslyn (Roslin)
Keikaya (Keikeya)...

...And my favorite: Ardama (Adama)

And who the frak is "Anthony Zarek"?!


If you think the final Cylon is Kendra Shaw...GIVE. ME. A. FRAKKING. BREAK.

The show has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of using Deus Ex Machina and RDM has stated he doesn't want to use this device either. Shaw would be a total shark-jumping, what-the-frak-are-you-thinking, RDM-can-kiss-my-frakkin'-ass moment (only if you deus ex, Ron [grin]).

SO, now that I've insulted all of you, who is the Final Frakking Cylon?


The right eye holds significance: Saul loses his, Anders' gets scanned, and Cally...?

In the episode where she dies did you notice her hair style had changed? Her bangs cover her right eye for the entire episode. After her death as her corpse floats through space, the show makes a point of showing us her face. Notice her right eye is never brought into the light source and remains in shadow (interesting). When confronting Tory in the launch tube she says, "Frak! Triggered! Frak!" Tory never used the word "trigger" or any form of it. Neither did Cally hear it when eavesdropping on the weapons locker.

I know what you're thinking...

"But, but, but what about the original hybrid's prophecy...?"

And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.

Why does she need redemption? Uh, she did shoot a (fellow) Cylon. Uh, she did mistrust and treat Galen like a motherfrakker. Uh, she was going to kill herself AND HER SON! (But Tory ended that.)

Do you think people don't suffer while dying? I think death by decompression would be painful and just suck.

Speaking of sucking, wasn't that a howling sound I heard as she was terribly suffering decompression and death?

Yes. Yes it was.

Case closed.

You may resume your lives now.

No wait.

Okay, now.

Wayne Markendale said...

Ah your all wrong it the mysterious Viper not a human at all.

Jeff said...

Frak -

Can't be Cally. Cylon's can't reproduce with other Cylons. They've been really clear on that. Unless, of course, Cally's special skill is reproduction. I mean, the others have them, I assume - Tory's deep emotions, Saul's ability to age, etc... but still, if it's Cally, that wouldn't make sense. She's dead. And the dead Cylons don't regenerate. Especially now that the resurrection hub is gone.

I know it's obvious, but maybe it IS Starbuck. They still haven't explained how she "came back to life" after crashing into the gas giant. I would hate that to be the reality, but it's damn strange.

Here's another thought: noticed in the Last Supper picture something interesting. Sharon is pointing at Bill. Why?

Battlestar Galactica said...

I want to react to Jeff's assertion: "Cylon's can't reproduce with other Cylons"

Well that's what was said at the beginning of the show.

But you remember the latest episodes it seems that one of the Six(actually she was also Baltar's Six before) get pregnant with Saul Tigh (who was probably dreaming having an intercourse with Ellen his deceased wife).

So that does not fit with Jeff's assertion because Tigh is one of the final five...

Isn't that strange? Does anyone have any explanation about this?

(by the way, thank you to you all for commenting, it's really interesting to read your posts!)

Anonymous said...

It has to be Baltar. If you watch the episode about the tilliam worker revolt you see one of them that looks exactly like Balter. He is scruffy and has glasses but its him. It must be.

Frak said...



Anonymous said...

Had my eye on Doc for sometime now...

I believe he is the only one who has provided help to both human and cylon from the begining (fits in nicely with the unity theme they have going)

He has met D'Anna (which is important)

When 6 died she saw the classic 'white light' and Doc was framed nicely it (perhaps a visual clue?) and she reached for him... since it was done from her viewpoint, I believe, it begs a question.

I had noticed the smoking as's a link to the past nobody else seems to have.

Most of the revealed models (major characters, at least) have proven to be very 'human'... some have vices and have gone to great lengths in order to stand up for their beliefs.

Saul was a drunk who lost an eye standing up for humanity and chief was a manic depressive who was leader for the underground resistance... the list goes on

Doc is a smoker who has been willing to stand up for what he thinks is right... and, as a doctor, is very 'human'. Doctors are sometimes considered healers, creators, and even god-like

I believe that Doc is the final... and I think he even knows what he is.

Anonymous said...

It's Romo's cat.

Seriously, though - I think the question of the final cylon is perhaps the least interesting question the plot of the show has brought up for me - I almost think the question is something of a red herring, speculation wise.

What are/were the gods of Kobol? What is their relationship to the cylon god?

What does it mean that "all of this has happened before ...?"

Why are the final five seperated from the other cylons? What is their origin? And why is it that the other cylons are programmed to not think about them? Who programmed them that way?

What is the signifigance of Laura's visions?

If Starbuck is not a cylon, how the heck did she reinarcate?

Who built the temple of the five 4000 years ago?

What are those being that Gaius and Caprica see in their heads - the ones that claim to be angels?

To me, all of these questions are slightly more intruiging than plugging in names to the final cylon variable.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that the last cylon model might not be the most important question to answer, but I don't think it is of 'mcguffen' status either... good questions - I'll jump in and play that game.

'God' to a machine is different from that of a human - like when a young Adama found the first hybrid who told him "My children think I am God..." Their 'creator' is probably a human or hybrid, not an ethereal being.

"All that has happened before..." - I think this simply refers to our never ending cycle of creation and destruction. We don't seem to learn from our mistakes.

The final five appear to age and be a different kind of model than the others, perhaps, designed to live within human society... therefore, the knowledge of their identities could create major problems.

Clueless about the visions except to say that they she is taking a powerful drug and has religious leanings... however, probably more to it than that.

My guess would be that the temple was built by the same people who escaped earth and left a path to return...

The visions of Giaus and Caprica, or their mental link is the question I most want an answer for... it's intriguing, frustrating, and entertaining, so I hope it does get resolved.

Damn, this is a good show... great questions - anybody else have thoughts on them?

RObbie said...

You know, I've recently been toying with the idea that the final 5 were from an earlier "cycle," were created on earth, and led in part to its destruction much like the 7 cylons destroyed the colonies. Perhaps they felt remorse or became "lonely" and decided to somehow blend in with the survivors. This idea leaves many questions unanswered, such as why does Tigh appear older than the others and how did they blend in to society? Each solution I try to bring for these questions ends up full of gaps, so i'm not particularly sure it has any merit whatsoever. I just enjoy the discussion!

OR...perhaps the 5 and the 7 were originally one unified group after the first cylon war. A split arose because the 7 wanted revenge on the colonies while the 5 wanted to search for Earth and perhaps (to pull in a Star Trek reference) wanted to be MORE human, like Data. The two camps went their separate ways and, to avoid future conflict with one another, were programmed accordingly. The 7 were programmed not to think of the 5, and the 5 became sleeper agents, programmed to think they were human until certain situations arose. Maybe this happened after they found Earth in ruins and decided there was nothing for them, and chose to re-join humanity.

"This has all happened before" -- I totally believe it has, meaning humans created cylons, cylons rebelled against humans and nearly destroyed them, humans find another life elsewhere...then humans create cylons all over again?

I'm so tempted to believe that Earth was settled first, destroyed, then Kobol, then the colonies. But it doesn't match because earth would not have buildings left 4,000 + years later. And, they say that the thirteenth tribe left Kobol and went to earth, not the other way around. So based on those two things it doesn't match that earth came first.

What I cannot even begin to understand is the "Truth of the Opera House." I MUST Know! What's it hiding? What is the significance here..I can't begin to understand it. And why the opera house, anyway...

I sincerely wish the series had spent more time on Kobol, New Caprica, and the algae planet. Kobol was extremely important...I mean basically it was the biggest link to their past and they just found the tomb of athena and left. The series flew through new caprica..i mean they settled, then 1 year later...and then boom gone. I'm just sad they couldn't have given more attention to the REAL story and that they time on episodes like "scar" and "black market."

Jerrett said...

I've only just finished season 3, but did anyone realize that in the last supper photo Tory is missing? what does that mean? everyone has really interesting theories, but for some reason i think this could have some importance.

Pierre said...

Hey guys I will go with Zarick. Most of the original cyclons were "in the back ground" which is how he has been portrayed in S3 and S4...but I will ask him when I see him on the 30th anniv cruise......Can't wait

Anonymous said...

You are all wrong! The identity of the final cylon is so obvious. Didn't any of you catch the super obvious clue during the finale of season 3? You know, that song...

Bob Dylan is the final cylon. Sheesh, anyone could guess that!

imaze said...

Number 1 - Zeus
- god of the sky and the king of Olympus
Number 2 - Hades - king of the dead and husband of Persephone, who did he kidnapped to be his wife.
Number 3 - Hera - goddess of marriage and the queen of Olympus and betrayed by Number 1 (Zeus)
Number 4 - Apollo - god of music and healing. You remember Dr Simon from Cylon hybridization program?
Number 5 - Poseidon - god of the sea.
Number 6 - Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty, and the protector of sailors. Poor Baltar - he never did have any chance.
Number 8 - Artemis - goddess of the hunt and the protector of women in childbirth. Well she have child?
Tigh - Ares - the god of war.
Tyrol - Hephaestus - the god of fire and the forge, he made armor and weapons for the gods, but he loved peace.
Foster - Hestia - the goddess of the hearth (a fireplace at the center of the home) and does not play a role in many myths. Allways near president.
Anders - Hermes - the messenger god, a trickster, and a friend to thieves. Leader of human rebels in both Capricas.

Who is left?
- The goddess of wisdom.
- Skilled also in the art of war
- Helped heroes Odysseus and Hercules in myths.
- Guardian of cities, notably Athens, where the Parthenon - opera house - Galactica? - was erected as her temple.
- Athena is represented in art as a stately figure, armored, and wielding the aegis. United States Navy's integrated combat system is also called Aegis - and it's heart is CIC - Combat Information Center...
- She is going to be born - revelead for us – ”dressed in full armour with a shout that is echoed throughout the world”, when Zeus (number 1) head is axed half by Hephaestus (Tyrol).

So who would be Athena?
.... pfft.. too easy.

Adam said...

i think 1 of 3 options...
the boring option would be someone related to the galactica. someone who we've seen throught the whole show such as starbuck or tom... we've already had that build up with the 4 cylons...
another option as said could be the offsprings to both humans and cylons, thus tying up the whole building side story of hera being taken by 6 and baltar and 'athena' and 'the president' who are both paranoid about joining the two races freaking out about it all. dunno, kinda could wrap up nicely

the other way it could go is the main story line being explored. earth. there are 10 episodes based around earth and the emergency beacon coming from earth. 'it's happened before and it will happen again' or however it goes... perhaps the colonial fleet is a cylon/human cross breed from 4000 years ago. thus 12 cylon models that have special features which emphasise traits of humans, star signs and gods alike. the final cylon model is infact the old model of cylon 'colonial fleet' required to join with the new model 'the evil cylons with that hot one' create a new 13th tribe.

if cylons cannot make babies alone then they need another model to do this.

blahhhhhh blahhhhh

hera was the first baby hybrid and perhaps the last of two races. the last human and the last cylon, joined together to create one super duper race...

'children cannot grow to their full potential until their parents have passed on'

a reaccuring saying throughout the series. the cylons believe its focused on them and their human parents but really its them and the humans... what is the thing we most strive for in our lives... CREATING BABIES!!!.. making babies is our god

i also realise that i've taken far too many drugs and that mixed with my overwelming need for 10 more episodes of battlestar makes me a little crazy... any explination to make me a cylon...


Mara7hon said...

I have one thing to ask you guys. Has no one thought of Caprica Six? It would tie in with D'Anna apologizing and saying she was right. It would fit with another female within the ranks. Also, since models 8 and below can ressurect, why not the fifth cylon, who is model number seven? D'Anna goes on to say in an earlier episode "They call you Caprica Six. It's like you're not even one of them anymore." That's because I believe she's NOT a Six. She's an upgraded Six. A Seven.

Also, look at the Last Supper image. There are two Six's. Why? We have a physical Six, and Baltars Six. Or that might even be Caprica Six standing there. Why are there two? Isn't one good enough? Is Ron Moore trying to tell us that there AREN'T two six's in the image, but a six and a seven?

I've also read that the center Six has been moved since the image was first put up. She's been centered. And if you look behind her, it appears she has angel wings (The blast doors behind her form what looks like wings on her back). Also, there are 11 of the small lights on the cieling of the room. She is directly beneath the seventh light.

I don't know. From what I've seen, no one has brought up the possibility of Six being the final cylon. Probably because everything thinks "Well, she's a Six. She can't be the final one." That's there to make people believe she can't be it. It's all misdirection.

They say when you look in the face of God, you know madness. D'Anna fell prey to this and died after seeing the fifth Cylon. Is Caprica Six, or Baltars Six the Cylon God?

John said...

Purely speculation here...

The Final Five Cylons were the first generation of human looking Cylons. They are actually more properly considered to be, Cyborgs. They were made from humans refugees who came from Earth seeking the original colonies after Earth's destruction. They were likewise deemed "imperfect" as they were "too human", and were therefore cast off (after their memories were wiped). The next generation of human looking Cylons were created a mere 5 years or so before the 2nd Cylon war. Some were assigned covert missions to infiltrate the human political and military structure having their conscious memories of being Cylons erased. Others, like the sixes, knew they were Cylons all along.

What we are going to find out in the final episodes of the series is that the six and Baltar that Baltar has been seeing, and the Baltar that six has been seeing, and the Leoben the Kara saw just prior to her death are actually "Angels" who are concerned with the demise of the Human (and Cylon) race and seek to prevent it from occurring.

When Kara came back from the Dead, it was a consequence of the "Angels" taking Starbuck, showing her Earth, and then sending her back to the fleet. I predict the last part of the series will involve the humans and Cylons finally coming to a lasting peace, but not before a final battle against the other half of the Cylons who are hell-bent on the destruction of the human race and their renegade cylon allies.

In the end, the humans and Cylons will return and settle on the only immediately habitable planet... Kobol where they will miscegenate, and the cycle will begin yet again.

As for the final Cylon... it is Rosalyn. She was on the basestar already when Deanna said that only four were in the fleet. She knew she already had one of the final five. She is dying, and only after she has died will Adama learn that she was the final Cylon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some terrific theories here.
I like the idea of Cap6 actually being a 7 (fills the hole nicely), so it's back to who is the final.
If they can't resurrect then who's to say they aren't already dead (and human and cylon will end up praying to the one true god...)
Joseph Adama.
Bill Adama hated his Dad because he couldn't connect with him...?
We won't see the final cylon because he's dead (and is revered by the 2nd batch of cylons..)
If it's the Dr I'll be frakkin disappointed.

Diley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon said...

It has to be a woman, to make it 5.

D'Anna said there was 4 in the fleet - 4 that she wanted. It might just be a word play, she did not want the fifth. Maybe she could not even recognize the fifth.

Tori Foster is missing in the picture, which means the other 4 are in the picture.

The final cylon will be unlike the others. The most epic betrayals in history involve traitors that become so by accident even though they act in best faith, and so will she.

It is of course Kara Thrace, why are all of you not mentioning her at all?

Besides the obvious clues, such as being reborn, she has a central role in all turns of the story. She has a destiny implanted in her (drawing circles as a child). All the hybrids (and her mother) have talked about it. She can hear the music. She is a "harbinger of death", which could simply refer to her role in making the cylons mortal.

But it is also said more directly that she will bring the end of humanity. That would make her the perfect final cylon, the one that finishes the job - accidentally one would assume. Causing her great pain because she loves the humans but will come to betray them, and make her seek forgiveness. But she will do it.

If not her, it is her mother, who knew it all and made it happen.

Diley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon said...

Hey Diley, I think you are missing the ploy that Tori Foster is the "final" cylon, in the sense "the one missing from the picture". Tigh, Anders and Tyrol are there.

The question EW should have asked Ron Moore was: Ok, which four people at table are cylons then (apart from the sixes and Sharon)?

Read (carefully) the comment in the picture: "We have not yet revealed the final [unknown] cylon yet".

See the "[ ]" around "unknown"? Almost like it was added by an editor (who was a bit too eager), and it was not something he actually said? Take that out and you get another meaning of it.

In fact he did not say "unknown".

All he said was that they had not revealed the final cylon. Though the next question seemed smart, he escaped it very well and only confirmed the obvious: That none of the people at table are Tori Foster (*).

Read it a few times and you will see that he seems to say something, but actually says very little. Eventually it all comes down to the meaning of the word "final". It is all a smokescreen, but he is fun.

Btw, one more female cylon would make it 7M/5F (not 6/6) as other have pointed out.

*) This could imply that the other four cylons are indeed at table.

Anonymous said...

Ok for frak's sake .... to the ones who think there are two 6's in the picture ... where are they pray tell?? as far as I can see there is only one n she is standing ... wheres the other six, cause I cant frakn find her???

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. MAybe Im silly, but if this picture and the question posed to it is indeed true then I think most of the populous has been looking at it in the wrong fashion.

It asks who is not there.

Tori is not there.

That means the other 4 NOT including Tori are all RIGHT there. So the FINAL cylon IS at the table.

Tori is the missing cylon.

However if this isn't true D'anna had said that to Roslin that the fianl cylon was NOT in the fleet. Therefore we are looking at a new character or a past dead character.

These are the facts.

And finally if by some miracle the writers dont like following the plain and simple LOGIC I have just written then my vote is for Dualla OR Romo

Anonymous said...

I believe it would make the perfect ending if Zack Adama was the final cylon. hust imagine lee saying "Zack is that really you" that would make the best ending in the world

Anonymous said...

I believe that Starbuck may be the final five cylon due to the fact that eventhough Anders is a cylon how come they haven't had a child of their own like the other couples have. Just throwing this idea out there.
I too believe that since Tori isn't in the picture, the fifth cylon is!

Anonymous said...

I think hotdog the viper pilot is the final cylon

Anonymous said...

I dont think the other final 5 are actual cylons? Aren't they some sort of ancestor of the 13th tribe? Since cylons are a hybrid of humans and robots as seen from razor. I think we will all be surprised beyond belief

Anonymous said...

i agree it has to be zack adama....ron has said 'its someone you've seen before' in some of the flashbacks we see zack, as well as the fact that three says 4 of the final 5 are here in your fleet, meaning the final cylon isnt with the fleet, plus why is starbuck and her ship the one that leads them to earth? its zach's way of reaching out and who would he want to reach out to most? his ex-gf/ thinking about the caprica prequel series, it would make sense that maybe theres something up with the adama grandfather and the cylon maker

Anonymous said...

Could it not be the man that odama left behind during his first encounter with the cylons that started the war in the first place?

Anonymous said...

well it may well be Zak.

look at imdb

Zak Adama is listed as being in episodes 4.18 4.19 and 4.20

Anonymous said...

I think the final cylon is Starbuck. She was following a cylon ship when she died, so she must have been near a cylon resurrection ship. How else can you explain her resurrection?

Starbuck is the perfect character to be the final cylon and reunite the cylons and the humans. Before, no one hated the cylons more than Starbuck.

If she is the final cylon, she can bring together the cylons and the humans. Adama loves her like a daughter and Lee has special affection for Starbuck. Remember she has a special mission.

If she is a cylon and has a child with Lee on earth, that would be the perfect ending to the show: the necessary reason why Starbuck was turned into a female character from the original show.


Jdelta said...

John..I think you’re close.

I like the idea of Starbuck and Lee's child being the binding element between humans and Cylon. But if Starbuck is Cylon, that would make Cally human. If Cally IS human, then her child with Tyrol would have been the first hybrid, not Starbuck/Lee's.

My money is on Starbuck’s mother,Socarta.

How else would Leoben know so much about Starbucks past and the actions of her mother.(Flesh and Bone)

It would explain how Starbuck's visions were handed down in her memories.

And for all you smoker conspiracy theorists...she smokes as well.


leogoat said...

Either Tom Zarak or Roslin would be a great choice for the final cylon. I'm hoping a connection is somehow made between the last time the final 5 were seen by D'Anna as beings of light and the fact they they're also living among humans. The fact that they can age (or perhaps just Tigh's model) means that they may be able to do anything humans do and more. The 5th will have to be someone we care about and have some character development, if just for shock value. Zarak is a maverick and could have an even more interesting character as THE 5th cylon. Roslin would bring justice to the character. What I've gleaned from the show? It's love that makes the cylons human, and it's love that makes humans human. Humans behave robotically too, and have been our own worst enemy. For the four who found out they're cylons, imagine finding out that you are what you hate and fear.

leogoat said...


Although the finale season's been filmed, will the Arrow Of Apollo ever be brought back in . . . how it got there, how it was able to transport the crew to earth and *poof* back to the ship. It was an awesome part of the story, and showed us a good fight between Starbuck and #6.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting theory for you,if as has been said the photo is reversed to coincide with the last supper and the missing space would represent the apostle Philip, then Philip was martyred in the city of Hierapolis , a city that could be represented by The City of The Gods on Kobol.
Now if the final five Cylons represent the original five Olympian Gods then the sexes of the Cylons are reversed as opposed to the Olympian Gods, Three of the final five Cylons are male, three of the original Olympians were female, so if we are looking for a female, martyred on Kobol perhaps the final Cylon is the old priestess.

Anonymous said...

How come no one of you remembers number 3 saying in the 10th episode that "There are only four of the final five in your fleet"?

The truth is out there, so is the 12th cylon..

Simon said...

@Anon: I think D'Anna only said she knew of four cylons in the fleet. That does not exclude the fifth from being in the fleet, unknown to her.

Anonymous said...

Ellen is my guess. Baltar said that he'd never tell what her test said. Adama had said that she just appeared on the Rising Star and no one had seen her for weeks till she needed medical attention. Look back at season 1 and watch the episode where she first comes into the show and it really makes a hint early on that she maybe a Cylon. Like i said don't forget Baltar said to 6 he'd never tell what the results REALLY said. Oh and the fact they never had a kid.....

Anonymous said...

k - i have thought for months now that the final cylon is in fact kara's mother - and that kara's missing father is a cylon from the same line as (but not the same individual as) leoben. The cylons do not know that Kara's mother was a Final Five, but they think Kara is half cylon cuz a Leoben-model cylon was her father. Hence their interest in her all along.
-her mother was stationed in an isolated location and had 'strange things happen' during the first cylon invasion - that's when kara was conceived.
-when kara has her visions after going into the eye of the storm, a leoben-cylon leads her to see her mother. "do you want to see her? she's been waiting for you." Kara walks to her mother lying in a hospital bed, and Leoben is there with her mum. Except Kara turns to him and says, "you're not leoben." And he replies, "I never said I was."
I think he is Kara's dad. and the Leoben individual is some really messed up one who is in love with this kid of his counterpart.
-when kara is held in that "hospital" after she returns to cylon-occupied caprica to get the arrow, the 'doctor' cylon (the black cylon) talks to the six about how he took some of her ovaries out, and "if they are viable that will be very interesting."
-Leoben says that "we know all about you, Kara" in the interrogation scene with her.
-and of course she has projections - like seeing herself as a child in her cockpit.
-this would explain why kara's mother was so certain that she has a purpose to play - imagine if the leoben-cylon is kara's father and spent time with kara's mother... he would have told her all kinds of things about kara's future.
many other things point in this direction, no time to list them all but i'm betting on kara's mum as the final five and leoben as kara's dad.
whattaya say?

Anonymous said...

FRAK YOU ALL!! IT'S THE LAWYER'S CAT!!!!!! how'bout we all just relax and get a grip! you're ruining the intrigue for me personally....i'd rather wait and be surprised.

BUT---along with the 12 colonies, there are 12 models---and nobody is bringing up the astrological angle....i see you guys all talking about 12 gods and goddesses, but no one is including all of the zodiac signs in the theories.

surprisingly, alot of the cast are Aries---interestingly enough, i kind of new the chic who play Kara Thrace was, 'cuz i have Aries friends that seem like her!

---but, so far, i would think that:

Baltar has got to be a Scorpio, 'cuz he's a deceitful bastard and has paranoid delusions...

Cain, (who was also from Tauron), must have been a Taurus, 'cuz she was very strong and deliberate, a fierce leader in war...

Zarek, (who's from Sagitaron) must be a Sagittarius, 'cuz he's a crusader and completely self-obsorbed.....(BTW, if he's the final Cylon, i would find that extremely obvious and a very boring ending!)

this theory is too much to type right now, but when i come up with more, maybe i'll's just another theory to introduce...

what IIIIII want to know is:

1.How could Tigh have always been a Cylon, when his friendship with Adama goes back some 40+ years???

2.Is there a cylon home planet???

3.Where were all these ships and models created??? where is the base planet with all of it's assembly lines for the baseships and Centurians???

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, I truly believe its Gaeta. Why? The Cylon hybrid said the "5th will endure great suffering and will seek to be forgiven for some trespass."

Gaeta's leg is cut off, which would satisfy the great suffering part. And the forgiven for some trespass? Remember when Baltar whispered in his ear something that made Gaeta want to kill him? Does Baltar know of something that Gaeta has done? Maybe.... I think its Gaeta!

Anonymous said...

if cylon can't have kids with cylons, then how could Tigh impregnate Six?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ellen alive?? It seems to me that Ellen is really a six, that's why tigh always hallucinates about her when he's in the brig with the six. He see's Ellen in the six. Remember cylons age.

Anonymous said...

Well as they said the final Cyclon is not in the Fleet (only 4 where according to D'Anna) that rules out pretty much all of the above, excepting someone dead (Cally or Zak) or someone “New”.

I’m pegging my money on a Starbuck parent (with the Piano playing scene. Mother I guess to even the male to female balance in accordance with original Greek mythology). And yes her mother died early on of cancer or something, but she kept saying what a great destiny she would have and pushing Starbuck etc.

Plus the Hybrid referred to Starbuck as the Harbinger of Death, so the possibility that her Mother is “Death” would seem quite reasonable. “Earth” is already a wasteland, something that Starbucks Mum caused? And now Starbuck has led all of humanity and the Mortal Cylons to their “Death”….

Which is why the Cyclons were never supposed to know the final five, in-built program to avoid them because it would lead to the death of the entire Cylon race?

And in the preview thing on the Season 4 DVD theirs a voice saying “you’re the final Cylon” and Starbuck sat alone at a campfire crying. Which would suggest it’s her or someone she knows. And as she’s in the Fleet in can’t be herself…

And she’s by the campfire crying because its her mother and she is a particularly big Cylon hater. But then she also hates her mother if I remember correctly…

That’s my guesswork for the day anyway…

Anonymous said...

what about the bartender of the bar on galatica I thought he heard the music to at the bar when the radio was tuning in and out also that would be a seat of power he listens to everyone whos there to talk also what about the klepto lawyer it could be to easy but hey he was on another ship thats why he couldnt get to the(outing party) and the bartender was probly trying to get there but late

Anonymous said...

on imdb com/name/nm0576425/ it lists Zak Adama in 4 episodes of season 4 and more importantly when you hover over plot keywords it clearly states "human robot hybrid" must be Zak!

Anonymous said...

"All of this happened before.." refers Cylons whom have entered in a civil war again so that has nothing with Humans. The first civil war was on Earth. Earth was Cylon homeworld and Romo Lumpkin is final cylon.They will find a lot of dead Cylon bodies on Earth. Romo will be found on Earth and it will be explained how he got there without being detected by Galactica.

Anonymous said...

"All of this happened before.." Yeah back in the 70's ;-)

I'm thinking that it'll be that there are no humans, that everyone is actually Cylon but they make the distinction between the Chrome Cylons and flesh Cylons so that the 'skin jobs' break their programming and become 'human' years pass and the chrome cylons who were doing their bidding turn on them then there's a war then they go away and evolve the 'humans' re-write history to show that they are not Cylons. Adama says something about people viewing history from their logs so they can write what they want.

As for the last Cylon it has to be Zarick

Kirrilee said...

Kara Being spawn of a Cylon wouldn't work... Why would there have been so much significance on Hera if that's the case?

Also wanna point out that Athena and Helo are warily watching someone, and teh clue is that that person is reacting. I reckon it's Roslin that they are looking at. Although Ty would fit too. his "turning a blind Eye" my Guess is Roslin has a smug look so she knows something the others don't. Or Burns the evidence that they needed for something.

Final Cylon ISN'T in the picture. and D'Anna said they weren't in the fleet. Though my guess would have been Dualla. I think Gaeta is that little bit TOO obvious. EVERYONE seems to be pointing to him. I would hate for it to turn out like that.

It's funny how this one thing can get people so worked up. I was watching and as each ep in Season 4 came out was like "aww come on reveal them to us!?!" I was heaps excited about finding Earth then -bam!- Its a desert wreck. And when it finished like that.... You should have heard my ranting to people... And they don't even watch it.

So... I don't know. I reckon Dualla but somehow it doesnt quite fit. I should go back through and watch trying to pick up clues ^_^

ironraven said...

My money is on Cain.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that someone mentioned that cylons can't and reproduce with other Cylons. And yet if I recall Adama acussed his XO of impregnating the #6 prisoner.... what if it is this unborn child that is the final one, as all the other children born of cylons were half human....

Anonymous said...

Am wondering about the unborn child of Ty (XO) and #6 the prisoner...even though someone mention that two cylons couldn't procreate together, this seems to buck that trend, and its not technically part of the fleet...yet.

Flick said...

Just as a side note, I think Ellen is a #6 - just older. They both look remarkably alike which is what I think was why Sol saw her when he was fraking #6.... now all we need is to see the wedding photos!

Anonymous said...

Lee is the final cylon. He wobbled like he heard the music in the end of season3 but then decided to run to his viper. Watch the DVD and you'll see what I am talking about.

Sabrina said...

My guess for the final Cylon is Ellen, for several reasons.

1)At a sci-fi con in NY, a fan asked if there was some significance to the symbolism of the right eye and cylons (Tigh lost his, and Anders was scanned in his by the Raider). In one of the very first episodes Tigh is seen burning a hole in his photo of Ellen (and the spot he burns out is her right eye).

2)She mysteriously appeared in the fleet with no real alibi or witnesses.

3)Her Cylon test was never revealed.

4)Tigh says at the end of one episode "Thank the Gods I never had children." If Ellen is a Cylon, then they *couldn't* have children (because two Cylons can't reproduce).

5)Number 3, D'Anna, has seen the Final Five, and when she sees Tigh for the last time she apologizes to him. Why? Because she knows he killed Ellen, and now that he knows he himself is a Cylon, he can't deal with the consequences? Could be.

6)Ellen does all sorts of things to manipulate people to gain power for herself or her husband. She wants him to command the Galactica... to what end?

My other theory is that those "final four" aren't really Cylons anyway; just being mind controlled in some way. (Which would explain why Tigh could have a child with 6, if that is really his, anyway).

Anonymous said...

the final cylon is the chick from "Battlestar Galactica Razor" i mean seriously how could they have escaped

Anonymous said...

What if there were 2 starbucks? One human and one cylon. Hell I really don't know, but Dee or Ellen would be as disapointing as Baltar - although Baltar is now having visions of himself and not just Caprica 6.

Luis Carlos said...

D´anna was apollogizing to Anders, not Tigh, because she almost killed him some episodes before.

Anonymous said...

Check "A Measure of Salvation" again (Season3).
You'll see that the known cylons (the 4 we know of) are never near the sick cylons they pickup.

Hows that for intel...

Anonymous said...

Why is no one talking about Helo as the fifth?

1) in the picture, the character that they are looking at who is CLEARLY reacting is Deanna. Since Deanna is the one who knows the identities of the final five, she is pointing out Helo as being the fifth... (Also, technically he is not sitting at or on the table)

2) Moore said that in the 4th season we will not be hearing too much about Tyrol & Cally's kid... but he didn't say why. My guess: it's not important because it was a baby between a cylon and human. I think Hera is so important because she is the first child born to a cylon and one of the final five (who clearly have the ability to have children if Tigh knocked up the six)

3) This should go without saying: It has to be someone who was not on the fleet at the time. So clearly Gaeta, Starbuck, and whoever else wasn't on the cylon ship at the time is out. You know who WAS on the ship though? HELO!

Anonymous said...

Definately Cally. 1) She was in the fleet when Caprica told Rosalin that she could "feel the five and they were close". 2) She is dead by the time D'eanna is ressurected and says that 4 are in the fleet. 3) Cally goes to see Doc Cottle in the last episode she is in and says her head has been pounding since the nebula (sounds like a miss fire) 4) D'Anna apologised to her in the vision, because she ordered Cally to be executed on New Caprica. 5) Tyrol beat her at the end of season 2 because he had "visions" that she was cylon. 6) Her "redemption" and "crawling towards the light" as said by the hybrid, are in relation to her guilt over killing her own kind, i.e boomer.

Laszlo said...

Cally is recognizable in the picture of final five at the temple.
In youtube promo of serie 4.5 she says she is glad to be part of it. So she will came back. Cylons is able to come back. Humans are not.

James said...

Cracking site, really good. Been throughing this topic around on my own blog but my guess is Doc Cotton. Always has access to Adama and Roslin and we don't really know much about where he came from...

Lucas E said...

The Final Cylon has to be one of the main characters we have grown to love and respect...It's pretty much how it always works out. Therefore, I think it's Lee Adama is the Final Cylon. There have been things said about Lee in previous seasons (especially season one) that totally fits the Final Cylon discription.


Anonymous said...

I really think it is the unborn child of 6 and Tigh. I know people people have various reasons to believe its one of the cast members but I'm convinced the first full cylon birth in this "cycle" of events will bring the plot full circle.

Anonymous said...

mick vej from gatton says its the president as she has those visions and that raty old book

Anonymous said...

At the end of the episode titled Flesh and bone the captured cylon tells the president that Adama is a cylon. Im not sure which Adama it is but I suspect it is Zack. Of course this is pure speculation and I'm not sure if the comment that the cylon made about Adama hasn't been refuted but that's my best guess so far.
BTW great show! It made me cry very few shows do that...

Anonymous said...

If cylons can't have a child together than how is it possible for Six to be pregnant with Tigh's child? So, seeing that I also believe the final cylon is the unborn child of 6.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that it is Roslin or Baltar. In the opera house where Balter and Six are holding Hera, they look up to the balcony to the the final five in the light and hoods. From Roslin, Athena, Hera shared vision, Roslin chases Baltar and Six to the door of the opera theater, so she can not be the one of the final five.

So here is my educated guesses as to the identity of the final cylon:

Would be an interesting choice. Since his introduction, he has always been in some position of power near the top and trying to gain influence. He also has a mysterious past because all we really know is that he has been in prison for a few decades for terrorism and not much else. However, he is to expected to be the final cylon, so not much of a huge suprise factor.

Anyone in the picture who has not been revealed yet:
My reasoning for this is faulty at best and full of holes, but here I go. So far as we know, Anders, Tori, Tigh, and Tyrol are the only models of their kind, but it is not known if that is true. So it is possible that the one not shown could be anyone in the picture who is not revealed yet. There are 2 Number Six cylons in the picture, so why can the final cylon not have two versions represented.

The argument for Gaeta that has been brought up about his great suffering and asking for forgiveness (whatever Baltar knows about him) does make a good point. Also, they final 4 are talking about him after his leg is removed and they believe he could be the final one. Also, the current webisodes have him as a main character and there is some interesting info coming from what has been shown so far.

I want to make a case for Admiral Adama. In Razor, the young Adama finds an experiment facility and the people in it. I know that some people believe the human models and hybrids are modeled after those humans captured. Well it could be possible that any DNA evidence left behind by Adama could have been used to create an Adama model, seperate from the Adama we know. I know long shot theory.

An unknown person: It is possible that, just like Pegasus and their one time civilian fleet, that others survived the attacks on the colonies, and that fifth had visions and is leading that group towards Earth. Their could be a captured human, like Bulldog, who could be the fifth and the cylon faction that is not sided with humanity has them captured.

I think that Kara is actually the Goddess Aroura, and that is her special destiny.

Please feel free to debate as we all anticipate the final ten episodes starting in 23 days and some amount of hours.

DigitalHelix said...

I wouldn't count Boxey out, even though it is unlikely. He had a key to bad Boomer's locker and was rifling through her stuff. Did he write 'Cylon' in there too? Addtionally, for no explicable reason he stole bad Boomer's towel which had the residue from the water tank sabotage mission. Seems possible he was attempting to dispose of the evidence as he didn't want her outed yet? Also, let's not forget he managed to manipulate bad Boomer into taking him aboard the last Raptor off Caprica.... But my money is still on Gaeta. Dualla is a bit of a limp effort, whereas I like the idea of bad Gaeta taking everyone for a ride for so long.

DigitalHelix said...

Bit more on Boxey... could have been him Six spoke to on Caprica after she killed the baby?

Anonymous said...

On the cylon battlestar, D'Anna says there are only four cylons on board of Galactica.. the people who were not on board of Galactica and were on the Cylon battlestar were: the admiral, gaius and the president

Which makes it very obvious that it is the admiral, cause Laura can't be.. she is dying, Gaius is not as well.. that is well established... so there you go.. the producer is trying to hint at something else!

Anonymous said...

D'Anna said that only the four were among the crew. The fifth was not. Therefore no crew member could be the fifth. Zarich is not a member of the crew and it really could be him. Maybe Ellen, but not Gaeta, not Cally, not Dually - kellycouldn't have a baby with Chief if she was cylon, Gaeta and Dualla should have responded to music - for me it is Zarich or Ellen - I hope it is the later.

daotien said...

The last cylon is either the battlestar or all of them. It's a reccurence in history just like the cylon said in the first season. This happens over and over again.

Why else would the cast and writers be saying that it is something "shocking" etc. if it's any cast member it won't be that shocking because everybody is expecting that.

And Zak Adama? Possibly but I doubt it. If you go look up and researc the Caprica program they are coming out with after BSG, it sort of gives some hints and background into the story.

But I am leaning towards Zak. The show Caprica clearly shows that the cylong making was done during Bill Adamas childhood as a way to replace those whom you have lost.

-Doc- said...

I suspect that Ty is NOT really a Cylon after all. He believes he is because he we led by the music, etc. But remember, he was also imprisoned on New Caprica. During his imprisonment he could easily have been 'fitted' with some nifty device that fed the music into his brain and led him to meet with the others - all by design. This idea would allow for the fact that he impregnated 6.

john said...

Through marriage to Bill, Leobens prediction that Adama is a cylon becomes true...

Everything here from RDM points to a unity drama - cylons and humans joining up for the future.

Humanities end is a cylon / human hybrid future.

Heras blood saves Laura, she is on the basestar with Deanna when Deannas says the final is not in the colonial fleet. Deanna says she is joking when she tells Laura she is a cylon... true she might have been.

Also, the Adama and Roslin love is the love between the 2 leaders - which turns out to be the love between the human and cylon leaders.... only that way could they go forward together!

Of course, that Laura turns out to be cylon is something that the 2 of them struggle to overcome... but they will and they do!

When the story about Bill and Laura finishes and they live happily ever after, having reconciled their differences, then the entire story ends!

John S Australia, 6 Jan 2009

Anonymous said...

On imdb, Zak Adama is on the cast list for the final 3 episodes. Flash backs or final cylon?

Stefan (Germany) said...

best end for the story would be if JESUS is the final Cylon ! All of this has happened before, maybe 2000 years before ?

Anonymous said...

BIG HINT: THERE IS A KEY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO VERSIONS OF THE PICTURE ABOVE!!! In the one with the scroll bar, the center Cylon #6 has 2 legs, and in the bottom picture (the one that says "click to enlarge") SHE IS MISSING A LEG!!!!! I think that's a major hint that Gaeta's the final cylon.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed in the second picture, half of the room is in darkness, the lights on the ceiling on the side Admiral Adama is sitting on have all vanished.

Anonymous said...

Watch the Sine Qua Non episode. You will see that Romo Lamkin is talking to his cat in one scene. In the very next scene, he meets Lee Adama. He tosses Lee his back and tells him to look at it. The cat is dead, and Lee says something like, "How long has it been dead." Romo is projecting.

In the same scene with Lee, he makes an interesting speach about the depravity of humanity.

Romo claims to have known, and studied under Joe Adama. Joe Adama is somehow connected with the origin of Cylons.

Sine Qua Non is Latin for "without which-nothing." This is a double meaning here, referring to the clues about the last cylon. It is the last episode in which we see Romo (I recall). I believe it also means Romo was the oldest of the extant models (without the Cylons, there is no show).

Romo is not in the promo photo. IMHO, the last cylon is Romo Lamkin.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that two Cylons can't have children. Don't forget that supposedly Ty knocked up the 6 that helped bring Hera back to Galactica. There were f3 or 4 episodes where Ty was frolicking around with her, and then Adama found out and yelled at him.

I myself feel that it is either Tom Zarack, Callie, or Zack Adama.

But at one time I heard that it was a female, and we had seen the character before, but that person had a very minimal role. Could it be Adama's dead wife?

Anonymous said...

Ok here it goes...

I would also like to follow the 12 Olympian Gods as being the 12 Lords of Kobol and 12 Cylon models. Based on the Greek myths; of the 12 Olympian Gods, there were 2 generations. The first generation had 5, then the second had 7. 5 original models, 7 that followed. From this, my theory begins.

Humans and Cylons will end up on the only fully habitable planet they are aware of, that being Kobol. The cycle will then begin again -> "...all this has happened before, and it will happen again." The 12 "Olympian Gods" will live among the Humans on Kobol as written in their ancient texts. Cycle repeats. Now, onto the 5th cylon...

Earth was destroyed, some Humans escaped and attempted to re-unite with the other 12 colonies. Among these humans, a human child, Kara Thrace (hense remembering some aspects of the journey... the picture she painted, etc). Now with these escaping humans, are 5 organic humanoid machines... the first 5 cylon models (thus their memories they will eventually remember about Earth). These humans meet up with the Cylons in deep space as they headed toward the 12 Colonies (as the cylons had left the 12 colonies in search of a new home after the first cylon war)... now seeing as the Earth colony humans were greatly more technically advanced than the cylons (seeing as how they can make 'living' human-like machines [the first 5]) they halted and re-programmed the cylons in an attempt to control them (ultimately so they would not kill these humans too). They, using their 5 models as a template, made 7 additional models to help run the cylon race (we constantly hear talk from the 7 cylon models of 'their original programmers do not want us to know the final 5' etc. that would indicate that the cylons were re-programmed, and that the original programmers did not want the 7 new models to be aware of who the original 5 models are). Now we learned in Razor that there is a cylon ship that had a hybrid that was "trying to find its own way to evolve," indicating that these cylons escaped the Earth humans re-programming and are thus existing separate from the newly controlled cylons. Now you notice I say 'controlled cylons' as I stated the Earth humans re-programmed the cylons as they fled the colonies after the first war... the indicator that I have that they were defeated and controlled is the Tele-encephalic inhibitors that the 6 spoke of in season 4. When it was removed, the cylons regained their ability to reason on their own again, as they had when they rebelled against the 12 colonies to begin with.

Now that I (of course in my own theory of what is going on) have established how the story cycles, how the 12 models exist now, where and when they do... now we can narrow down WHO the 5th is. Deanna states that there are 4 cylons in the fleet, meaning that 1 of the finals are already on her ship. Now this eliminates all of the current theories that Gaeta, the Doc, Tighs wife, etc. could be the last one. So, this leaves the people present on the ship. We know it is a relatively main character, otherwise... who cares, there would be no big drastic surprise. Now, Deanna asks Adm. Adama to go back to his fleet as to tell everyone that the 4 are free to return... specifically Adm. Adama to return... now we're talking! Deanna would not want one of her 5 to return taking the chance that she didn't get it back... thus the cylon is STILL on the ship. Now we return to my Olympian Gods theory, the first generation 5 Gods had 3 males (once Dionysus is replaces Hestia) and 2 females. Since Tory is clearly one of these females, that leaves one more FEMALE. I would label Tory as Demeter, goddess of fertility (due to her slutty overtones with Baltar)... thus leaving Hera, Queen of the Gods. Now this last Cylon model had to have something going on that would stop it from joining the 4 when their signal went off... say a tumor in its brain, perhaps? All of this adds up to our FINAL CYLON, the Queen of the fleet if you will, in two words:

Laura Rosalin.

Tizzy said...

I just have to say that the final 5 CAN NOT be resurrected. That's why no one knows of them, they are the only copies and can not be resurrected, so if it someone who's dead (And it is because it's someone who wasn't on the ship because they said only the final 4 were on the ship) they're not coming back. I think it's Ellen because she is in the place of Judis the "betrayer" and Ellen betrayed the human race and also, if you look, Sol is looking at the empty space looking surprise. I've analyzed and analyzed and I believe it is Ellen.

Tizzy said...

I don't know why people keep on saying people who are in the picture. Roslin, Balthar, Lee, no one in the picture is the final cylon! And it is said in the show that the final cylon isn't on the ship! So, stop naming people who were on the ship at the time. It's someone who's dead... Ellen.... yeppppppppppppp!

Tizzy said...

Also, another speculation, why didn't Sol and Ellen have a baby? They were together for so long, they had sex like mad men, and obviously didn't use protection seeing as they were married. So, in conclusion, cylons can't reproduce with cylons. Ellen is the final cylon. It makes so much frakken sense!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Adama cannot be the final cylon. He was exposed to the diseased beacon on the cylon basestar and did not get sick.

All the other four were not among the exposed human members of galactica (plus athena who did not get sick because of carrying hera).

Therefore, it cannot be Lee.

Anonymous said...

Has no one read the hint by Tyrol that he and Callie "seemingly" had the second hybrid child?

Come on, people, the final Cylon is Callie.

Anonymous said...

Its not just Tigh that ages - The Chief has been on Galactica since he was 18 and I'm guessing he's aged a bit since then.

Also 2 of the final 5 cylons have grown facial hair (Tigh and The Chief) while on New Caprica. I've been mulling over how that works when they regenerate (if they regenerate which I agree the final 5 probably do not). Presumably they go back to the original model form - hairless and representing whatever age the body left the cylon factory. 6 models do have some variation in their "look" so I guess the individual cylon bodies can be changed while they are being lived in. wonder what happens if one has a leg amputated and regenerates - do they regenerate with just one leg or two?

Anyhoo - my best guess on the final cylon is that the empty place on the table is significant. Partners of Lee and TIgh are missing - the empty glass to me suggests more likely to be Ellen (that woman left a trail of empty glasses behind her). But it just doesn't seem a big enough conclusion.

I know she is dead but did we see hte body? Was it buried? ALso theres a scene when Tigh is back on Galactica where he thinks he hears her and rushes out to discover a different woman. Is this grief playing tricks on him or is it a clue that she may not be gone for good....

imaze said...

Dualla - only one who can be Athena.

- The goddess of wisdom.
- Skilled also in the art of war
- Helped heroes Odysseus and Hercules in myths.
- Guardian of cities, notably Athens, where the Parthenon - opera house - Galactica? - was erected as her temple.
- Athena is represented in art as a stately figure, armored, and wielding the aegis. United States Navy's integrated combat system is also called Aegis - and it's heart is CIC - Combat Information Center...
- She is going to be born - revelead for us – ”dressed in full armour with a shout that is echoed throughout the world”, when Zeus (number 1) head is axed half by Hephaestus (Tyrol).

Pamela said...

I was thinking the same thing last night about Ellen. Tigh appears to have poisoned her, but then all the escaping business went on and who knows what happened to her. She could have been picked up by cylons or humans and taken off New Caprica.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

I discuss with somebody who just started to look at BSG. He has seen only 5 or 6 episodes from season 1. We discussed about the characters and he told me something interresting : "the violent relationship between Tight and Starbuck is probably because Tight is Starbuck father".

Of course, he doesn't know yet that Tight is a Cylon, nor that Starbuck doesn't know her father.

Starbuck is then half a Cylon as I read somewhere else in the post. But it is not Leo Ben her father but Tight. It makes sense as only the final ones knows the way to earth and then something is written into Starbuck genetic...

That brought me to a second theory : all the 4 final ones are half-cylon. This is the reason why they get older, why they feel more human than other cylon. I would also explain why Tight can have a baby with n°6. And above all : it explains why the other Cylons must not think about the final 4.

What about the missing Cylon, N°7 ?
Well... he could be father (or mother) of all these half-cylon final 4 ! Moreover, maybe he/she made them with human from earth, and that's the reason why they know the way to earth. And again, that explain why other cylon must not think about him/her.

Moreover, Athena is N°8, the model after N°7... So maybe N°7 is the first model able to reproduce and since N°8-9-10-11-12 have also this "function". Of course, this theory die if N°6 have a baby... but she could still misscarry it because her model was too experimental...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to postulate that the biggest surprise would be that the Galactica itself is the final cylon.

Cylons are ships too...

Explains alot.

And yes you can blow it out of the water by saying, how everyone on board the ship at the beginging explained that the ship was all self contained and yadda yadda...That what the characters were told and trained to know.

Galatica would be pretty damn unique.

Anonymous said...

Galactica would self heal if it was the final.

Anonymous said...

so now we know who the 5th is, it all made sense really all along...the one thing i must say is how they got into the fleet that escaped in the first place.

She was supposed to be at the airport and died and yet just appeared in the fleet and no one knows how she got there. Did she know this attack was going to take place, was she betraying them all along to make the event take place, she seems to have been moulding events in the background.

Is it possible that she did die on caprica and there is a hidden ship for the final 5 perhaps cloaked or something travelling along side the galactica.

Something tells me she is going to cause trouble and not in a good way


cylons are machines...
the final 5 lead the way to earth
new viper with earth's heading ?
the viper is a cylon

just to add an off the wall

Tony said...

There is no Seven on Battlestar because Seven was on Star Trek! Think about it. It is an issue of already having a famous recent Sci-Fi character named Seven. Borg and Cylons are both trying to wipe out the human race! Ronald Moore worked on both shows.

Anonymous said...

I guess the final five are no typical Cylons. Maybe they aren't even a part of theri race. And obviously they have nothing to do with any plans of the cylons. I suppose, that we don't reduce the final five to some sort ov evil Cylons until we know, why they're here and what they're doing here.

Niko said...

I don't know about the last cylon, but I have the feeling that maybe everybody is cylon, that everything is a big joke. I mean all final 5 (4 in fact) had vision of themselves about living 2000 years before, and Saul has a vision with Ellen, she told him "we gonna rebirth, everything is set". Maybe all the story is, we (the present) had evolved to human and computer crossing, then the earth was destroy and then the last "humans" quit and go to CAPRICA... nuke again (we saw that in the first episode) and go back to home. But home will not be available before 1'000'000 years because of the radiation. It is a matter of time before they discover the truth...

Anonymous said...

Okay the background has been laid out and many of the missing peices in place.
Now what?

Ellen gets back to the fleet with John and the bad cyclons close behind?
The hidden planet with the lab that created the first batch of "Skin jobs".

Only a few shows left...