Thursday, July 10, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Revelations Arrival to Earth

It has been more than one month since Revelations, the episode 10, the last one of part 1 of Battlestar Galactica Season 4. By now most people must have seen the final scene with the arrival to Earth, so it's not anymore a spoiler to show it here:

Revelations - Arrival to Earth Scene
Battlestar Galactica Season 4

I really love Battlestar Galactica but I feeled like deceived by the production team: this episode is no revelation at all... Ok they arrive to Earth, and it i is a desert... Hurrah! Great end for part 1 of the season 4 of Battlestar Galactica... Are they kidding us?

Let's hope that part 2 of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 will really bring the main plot line of the show to an end, and that enough real revelations will be made for us to be partly satisfied.

Should start with the identity of the final cylon and what happened to Earth!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Revelations. An incredible amount packed into that show. Enough is revealed now that unfortunately I think I've got the rest pretty well figured out. We'll see. Cheers! Dave

Battlestar Galactica said...

Hey Dave,

should share your thoughts with us: I'm really curious about what you may have figured out for BSG! :)

Da' Square Wheelman, said...

I don't think it's OUR Earth but another planet. The few images of the 13th Colony planet didn't have our familiar continents. If BSG is in the past then perhaps the 13th Colony was on Mars, our dead and mysterious neighbor.

"it has happened before. But it doesn't have to happen again."

Lee Adama

Anonymous said...

My theory is that humanity and the cylon empire have continual warfare.

Every time both races come close to extinction the final 5 step in and show them the destruction of the earth.

Horrified by what has happened the cylons join the human race and peace reigns for a time....until mankind invents another cylon race and the war begins again.

Im probably wrong but you have to remember that the oracle in Razor said that he had seen it all before and that it will happen all again. Starbuck harbinger of death was created to show mankind the destruction of earth.
Im very curious to see what happens in second part of season 4.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's what I think.

Earth of the far distant past (2007 + enough time for some significant technical development) had highly developed robotic technology. There was conflict between the humans and robots, and the robots nuked the planet. The robots survived, regretted destroying their makers, were brilliant, and lovingly reconstructed human beings from dna samples and whatever was left of the human race, also having the ability to build into them at the genetic level memories and behavioral programs. They then sent their children off, having developed a highly sophisticated plan for their anticipated evolution, which would parallel what had gone before- the development of mechanical beings, the potential conflicts and resolutions, and finally the return home to "the 13th colony", earth. Over the 10,000 years or so since the humans were sent out from Earth, the robots kept tabs on the evolution of things, subtly directing and manipulating their progress. When the cylons became independent of the colonies, the ancient robots were the designing force behind the advanced Cylon social structures and infrastructures.

There are possible variations, but that's basically my theory. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I suspect the final cylon is Baltar because the Hybrid's prophecy in Razor seems to fit him well:

"And the fifth still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."


Battlestar Galactica said...

I really like your main theory about BSG.

I would be glad to see Baltar being the final cylon. Unfortunately I am afraid he is not because Baltar is at the table of the Last Supper picture (here) And according to BSG Director Ron Moore the final five is NOT on the picture.

I'm so impatient to know the whereabouts of Battlestar Glactica!

Thank you for your input Dave; that's food for my thoughts for today!

Kaycee said...

Can someone please tell me if they know when Season 4 is returning? Thanks!

Larry said...

While bits or most of the comments posted here may be true, consider, there has been at least one analogy to the original series, the Pegasus.

What if the planet they find in the mid-season finale is...Terra? In the original series, Terra nearly destroyed itself if it hadn't been for the Galactica, maybe in the new series, they did. They still have to find earth, if they ever do.

Joe said...

Anyone have an idea when the 2nd part of Season 4 starts up?

December? April '09? any idea?

On the 'Arrival to Earth', theme. Didn't the prophecy say that the Final 5 will lead them to Earth? And the Final one hasn't been revealed, so isn't it possible that they're NOT on Earth?

Anonymous said...

What i noticed was 1) no moon 2) no recognizable destroyed skyline structures and 3) no instantly recognizable continents(as mentioned by da'square wheelman)

Other theories notwithstanding, this is most likely not our Earth.

Anonymous said...

When will the second part of season four show up?

jimvsmij said...

Looks like she should not have listened to all that global warming hype because obviously the fraking ice age came back and kill us all!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think they found our Earth either. Mainly because when Starbuck has visions of Earth and at the end of season 3 when they zoom out to Earth, they show the continents and everything's blue and pretty. At the end of episode 10, they purposefully don't show any continents and what they do show doesn't look like Earth as we know it. It also doesn't fit with what they saw in the Temple of Athena. When they stood on Earth it wasn't barren and desolate. I think this is another planet that was settled before they got to Earth like another clue/beacon to follow...or maybe, following the "all this has happened before, it will happen again theme," the planet they found is to the 13th colony what New Caprica was to the they had the same struggles on the way to the real Earth.

There's obviously more to come, it's just interesting to see where they take it.

I really hope they do find an inhabited planet because I don't think they'll survive another New Caprica and I think it will be a much more interesting story that way. It's obvious there is more of a connection between us and the cylons (as shown by who the final 4 are - protectors of humanity) that we know...that the ones who value life can be more "human" than some of the survivors...also an interesting place for the story to go...

I can't wait any longer!!!! UGH.

SG07 said...

Hi I stumbed across this page. I finally saw the Revelations and I have to tell you, it was cool.
I agree with many of the comments that this is probably not Earth.

1) No radio emissions! Not one.

2) No landmasses except the part of the cloud covered one that was partially seen could have been Africa.

3) No artificial sattelites in orbit. Granted if 10,000 years went by then o.k. they probably would have dropped from orbit.

4) I got a feeling, Ron Moore borrowed many, many things from the original BSG. I think a way to make things work and the popularity of the show, he once again dipped into the original BSG. For instance. Apollo and Starbuck (the male actor; Dirk Benedict) landed on a planet that was Terra. Turned out it was also called Earth, but its technology and culture was NOT Colonial, but more like an advanced Earth in say, 23rd or 24th century Earth.

My guess is this...Ron Moore is using this tidbit to cause the story to flow...what's next? Will the run into Earth descendants? Did the Ancient 13th Tribe stop on this "Terra" and then move on to Earth. This could be an adventure of another kind. This franchise is making big bucks and I think the scifi producers are saying...Wait!
you can't kill our cash crop...think of the money we could make. Think of the DVD sales we could earn.

5) All of this could be wrong, I did see the group standing on a ice/dirt plain and they passed a giant stone crucifix.

Thats right! They did. Then pan to the futuristic city and then the last scene was Leoben standing on what looked like the bow of a U.S. Navy ship, a sub or air craft carrier, but I think a sub, like the Los Angeles class subs.

Oh! I ended that with the final five number! lol What do all of you think?

Best Regards,


SG07 said...

One last thought. The signal was a similiar one that was used in the original series "The Hand of God" where Apollo discovers
an old Gamma frequency, radio to us. Its the Apollo moon landings. Ron Moore is teasing us, using this as Terra. The geiger
counter scene as Adama picks up dirt is kind of odd and we can guess they are being safe due to the scenery and damaged city.
I seriously doubt Adama would have picked it up if it was radioactive or let Roslin out with cancer. It was probably a precaution.

Shepherd said...

This is going to sound retarted beyond all things but could the final cylon be starbucks shinny new viper think about it stated that the final 5 would lead them to earth is this is earth then the viper is what showed them where to go i know its retarted just a small thort i had =D love to here your imput

Anonymous said...

^^Probably not... remember we saw them all wearing robes, and none of them was Viper-shaped. But I did wonder for a bit as well..

Anonymous said...

Well at the end of 3rd Sesion they showed where the fleet heading and the Earth on Galactic Map look carefully The Earth is other side of Galaxy and also Earth is not a colony its where we born.So they really found 13th colony but it isnt our homeplanet.Maybe 13th colony named EArth 2 or New Earth or something.Cause when you look at their technology it colonial and HOME must be more technologic then this.